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The International Center Of Spiritual And Ancestral Wisdom act as Cultural Liaisons, and appointed Cultural Custodians, who are blessed by medicine people to carry out the cultural exchange mission in the form of accompanying spiritual leaders across borders, transport of artifacts, craftwork and sacraments along ancient trade routes, and facilitation of proclamations by and between nations to improve the quality of life.

ICSAW also promotes, develops and sponsors cultural events that provide safe, healthy multicultural environments where healing of spiritual existence, revival of indigenous traditions and celebrations of life are inspired to preserve sacred indigenous communal ways of life.

Calixto Flyer 9:4:18

Learn more about the Land-Based Weekend Immersion Sept 15-16 in Grass Valley, the Evening of Teachings in Berkely, and Private Healing Sessions with Calixto in Oakland and Grass Valley.

You registration will support Calixto to:

  • Share his teachings about cultivating inner peace with local communities
  • Raise awareness and funds for his vital Ancestral Land Recovery Mission
  • Connect with local Indigenous leaders to offer mutual support
  • Make payments and offerings at important local sacred sites in the Bay Area

The Dawn of a New Time

A Gathering with the Ancestral Vision of Health and Wellbeing, September  11-15, 2018

Seykun, Arhuaco Reservation Santa Marta Sierra Nevada


Co-Sponsored by



Videos from 2011 The Dawn of a New Time

Friday, September 28, 2018

Medicine Bag Making Class

3 Medicine Bag Making Class

Craft your own Buffalo or Deer Hide Medicine Bags!

We'll gather around the sacred fire to make offerings to the elements and learn about the traditional ways of making Medicine bags. After lunch, we'll venture into nature to set our intentions & forage a few elementals and medicine from the land to bless our new Medicine bags.

LOCATION: West Sedona ONAC Church
CONTRIBUTION: $175 ($195 with organic, gluten-free, plant-based lunch)
CLASS SIZE: Limited to 10, priority or ONAC members
REGISTER: via Paypal below or email icsawz@gmail.com
Tea & healthy snacks provided 🙂

Sunday, September 30 2018

Day of Purification with the Elements


Cultivate a deeper relationship with the Earth, Air, Fire & Water elements during on this day of wellness, health & detoxifying.

Our day includes a Sunrise Prayer Ceremony, trip to the local springs, 1 Day Purium Transformational Cleanse, Foot Soaks with traditional healing herbs.

LOCATION: West Sedona  ONAC Church 
SIZE: Limited to 10, priority given to ONAC members
REGISTER: Please email icsawz@gmail.com

Saturday, October 13 2018

San Pedro Medicine Class


Cultivate a deeper connection with the San Pedro (Huachuma) sacred medicine plant, your self & Pachamama to live in harmony with all relations.

Learn how to prepare Huachuma for ceremonial & medicinal uses & how to grow this sacred cactus in your own garden or for your altar space. We gather as a community to honor indigenous principles & explore the heart opening & healing attributes this medicine has to offer us. A hands on opportunity to connect deeply with the spirit of this medicine.

LOCATION: West Sedona  ONAC Church 
CONTRIBUTION: $250 ONAC members, $400 non-members
LUNCH: add $20 for a an organic lunch or bring your own. 
Tea & healthy snacks provided 🙂
CLASS SIZE: Limited to 10 
REGISTER: via PayPal below or email icsawz@gmail.com.

Past Events

September 16 & 17, 2017

1 Eagle Quetzal Condor Unite

September 30, 2017

Drum Making Workshop

Drum Workshop Sept 2017

May 25-28, 2018

Vision Quest - Sedona, AZ

Vision Quest 2018 Flier

Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederation Gathering - Sedona, AZ


Your support will help bring Elders from around the world to share their original instructions for the next generations to come and help ongoing efforts to protect Sacred sites around the world.

ONAC of ICSAW Native American Church is a charitable religious organization. Your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Offer a donation of any amount:

Drum Making Workshop
Sedona, AZ April 2017


Community Cacao Ceremony/Prayerformance-with Alokananda, Served Cacao
Sedona, AZ March 2017


Community Garden Project
City of Cottonwood, AZ April 2017


Meeting for Earthdance (May 2017)
March 2017, Mexicali, Mexico


Training/Initiation/Spiritual Work with Kogi Tribe
Sierra Nevada Colombia February-March 2017


New Years Community Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony
Sedona, AZ January 1, 2017


San Pedro Member Class
Sedona, AZ December 2016


Yahe (Ayahuasca) Ceremony-
Medicine/Space Holder (With Fingia from Cofan Tribe in Amazon)
Sedona, AZ October 2016


Spirit/Vision Quest Camp
Sedona, AZ October 2016


Unify Fest-Head FireKeeper
Santa Fe, NM; September 2016


Spirit/Vision Quest Camp
Sedona, AZ May 2016


Protecting the Sacred (Elder Calixto from Arhuaco Tribe)
May 2016, Sedona Az


Community Chanupa Ceremony
Sedona, AZ March 2016


San Pedro Member Class
Sedona, AZ February 2016


Eagle Quetzal Condor Event
Executive Producer/Founder
April 2015, Sedona AZ


Yachay Waqaychaq (Puruvian Quero Elder)
November 29 – December 1, 2013


Danza a la Madre Tierra (Earthdance)
October 13 – 20, 2013


Visit the Kogi, Sierra Nevada Columbia
March 11 – 16, 2013


Dawn of a New Time, Sedona Arizona
Gathering of Indigenous Elders from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Martha Arhuacos and Kogi
June 22 – 24, 2012


Earth Dance Tecate, Mexico
May 4 – May7 2012


Meeting of the Minds Burbank, CA
April 11, 2010


Huichol Native Sedona, AZ (Tat Jose, Medicine Man from Mexico)
August 14 – 17, 2010


Return to the Sacred Fire, A Gathering of Eagles, Grain Valley, MO
A summit of native nations joining together at the doorway a new era of peace and prosperity that will begin to spread throughout the world.  
June 4-7, 2010


International Indigenous Peace Summit
August 29-30 2010


Vison Quest Camp, Sedona AZ
March 20, 2010


Meeting of the Minds ’09, Burbank, CA
August 7, 2009


Return of the Ancestors, Northern Arizona
April 18 – 28 2009


Bridging the Americas: Coming Home Reuniting the Eagle and Condor, Peru – Bolivia Sacred Pilgrimage
September 5-23, 2008


The EarthDance8, Terenife, Canary Islands
June 15-19, 2008


Sacred WaterFire Run (Atlachinolli Tzitzicuiniliztli)  Tenochtitlan, Mexico
July 7 – 28, 2007


Dream Rings Around the World, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Shasta, San Francisco Peaks
August 19, 2007


Bridging the Americas: Coming Home Reuniting the Eagle & the Condor, Sacred Pilgrimage Peru – Boliva
September 5 – 23, 2008


The Mayan Prophesy Pilgrimage: History in the Making
November 25 – December 9, 2007


Earth Dance8 International Multicultural Gatherings
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico
Kumiai Reservation
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002


Rancho Las Juntas (The Gathering Place)
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006


Fundacion La Puerta~ Base of Mount Chuchuma


Earth Dance8 International Multicultural Gatherings
Northern Arizona, USA
2002- Jerry & Annie Lawrence
2003- Angel Valley Ranch
2004- Sun Turtle Journey
2005- Runes at Talking Waters and Luna Vista B&B
2006- Luna Vista B&B


ICA participated with Bahai of Sedona, AZ International Day of Peace
September 21, 2007


Dream Rings Around Mt. Fuji * Mt. Shasta * San Francisco Peaks
August 19, 2007


ICA Supports the Hopi/Mexika Sacred Fire-Water Ceremonial Run
July 28, 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Mayan Elder traveling through the Verde Valley on a sacred U.S. tour with a message of peace
July 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Indigenous Elders of the Americas Lead Prayers for Global Awareness
July 7, 2007 Friends of Live Earth 7-7-7


ICA Supports the Tiwanaku, Bolivia Gathering
June 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Bridging the Americas: Reuniting the Eagle and the Condor Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca, Peru
March 19 – 23, 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Lakota Teachings with David Swallow Jr.
February 24, 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Benefit Concert supporting Bridging the Americas Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca, Peru
January 14, 2007


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Returning to the Natural World: International Multicultural Weekend Gathering
April 21st thru 23rd, 2006


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Thunder In The Desert
April 2, 2006


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Explore the Andean Textile Art
February 5, 2006


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: The White Road Premiere
February 4, 2006


Earth Dance8 Presents: Teachings with Siberian Shaman Swami Bous Beloyar
October 15-16, 2005


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Sacred Sites Gathering and Ceremonies in Chicago, Illinois
August 25-28, 2005


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Wesak Celebration Activation of the Sedona Landscape Temple

April 24, 2005


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: The Elders Speak

April 22, 2005


Earth Works for Humanity Presents: Kevin Locke in Sedona
March 7, 2005

The Berkeley Video & Film Festival 2004
Best of Festival Award– Documentary 18:00 minutes
Earth Dance8: Returning to the Natural World- Asher Lyons/Joslyn Rose Lyons


ICA Presents: Drummers / Singers Gathering and Campout
August 7-8, 2004


ICA Presents: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings with Lama Kusang Norbu
April 4, 2004


ICA Presents: Returning to the Natural World Benefit Dinner Concert
February 16, 2003


ICA Presents: Returning to the Natural World with Grandmother Margarite
February 2003