Adam DeArmon - Plant Medicine Advocacy

Adam DeArmon - Plant Medicine Advocacy


Sustainable Peyote Cultivation & Preservation Project

Peyote is threatened by extractive misleading industries like mining and oil, cattle grazing.There is a big black market that poaches the peyote in Texas and mexico. The peyote cactus only grows in southern Texas and throughout mexico. To learn more please reach out by email.

We ask you to consider supporting our Sustainable Peyote Cultivation & Preservation Project.

Our budget includes:
Professional Green House with heating & cooling systems.
Soil mixture planter trays
Watering system
Leasing land

Please donate to our online fundraiser, or via PayPal to, or Venmo to @Adam-DeArmon, or contact Adam to pay through Zelle.

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The Peyote Road (1994) - documentary

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Listen to (or watch) this discussion with Adam's lawyer on this episode of the Psychedelica Lex podcast: Charity Clark, Esq. Discusses Arizona v. Dearmon


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Adam DeArmon, Founding Minister of the International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom church, was released from all state charges on September 1st, 2023 after enduring several years of devastation due to an unfortunate illegal raid and confiscation on the twenty-two year cultivation and preservation of Peyote, while destroying in the process Adam’s Super Food Peru LLC and Arizona Green Gold state-run industrial hemp farm business.

Adam was raised learning and working alongside indigenous elders for decades with the aim of helping thousands of people rehabilitate in personal, physical, mental and spiritual healing capacities. He initiated a national and international awareness of the Laws of Origin of Plant Medicines for the understanding, good and safe practices in the use of plant medicines in order to educate and bring awareness to the western culture and society (specifically in the case of Peyote and other earth-based plant medicines used by indigenous traditions for thousands of years). Earth-based plant medicines carry great wisdom capable of healing people from severe conditions and helping them with PTSD, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, addiction, etc. as it helps to clear the field and raise their level of consciousness.

Arizona authorities publicly and legally recognized Adam DeArmon’s religious rights by returning all the Schedule 1 plants that were seized during the raid, as it is a Constitutional right in the United States under the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This represents an unprecedented triumph, not only for Adam but for the Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas, who have been discriminated against and separated from their sacred customs for centuries due to lack of understanding and acceptance of their culture by local, state and federal governments.

Adam was given the sacred responsibility of working with government and peoples united, and he has achieved that understanding through his Plant Medicine Advocacy work over the years.

Adam continues to need legal and life-rebuilding support, you can donate to his cause and reach out to him for his services as he regains the momentum of a fresh start.

Stating here is my declaration of religious belief. The latest update is September 27th at 9 am. Please join in prayer and support.