Adam works within many communities as a bridge between locals and their city and state government officials. He offers his guidance to all community members seeking to make a better prayer for their lives and live in harmony with among their relations and with the Earth. As a counselor, spiritual guide, consultant and coach, he has offered mediation and assisted with building more harmonious relations between native people and corporate leaders.

Adam's teachings include wisdom passed down from herbal & plant medicines. He often uses sacred sounds to transform any pain and trauma from both the past & present in the office settings and home environments.

Adam's mission is focused on supporting families and communities by helping each member gain clarity about their life's mission and let go of what no longer serves them so that they may become a more productive member of their family and community.

What is a session with Adam like?

I offer you a safe space and time to identify your strengths and abilities and develop a plan to build resilience in your day to day struggles.

In our time together, I will support you in your healing, wellness and building your self-esteem.

My goal is to maintain a healthy balance in theses four areas of Life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Life is a journey that we are moving through. In order to travel this journey, we need to see where we have been, how we have become who we are, and where we can grow, in order to be able to see where we are going. We must identify within ourselves our current path in order to move forward with a goal of a path of healing for ourselves first.

Consultation Sessions:

Life changing; Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Welling. Adam will guide you to a healthier way of being a more successful person in your carrier job or new ventures. Adam will look into your relationship with yourself and your family dynamics. He will offer ways for you to connect more deeply with nature and become more balanced with your highest purpose in life. These sessions incorporate the original instructions of each individuals birth right.

Transformative Sound Healing:

Adam works with tools from around the world to promote the releasing of past stress, trauma and stuck energies in the body. This healing offers a wide range of co creative process and breath work to break directly through ones lower or shadow self. Through vibrational transformation you will feel lighter and more relaxed with a better perspective of the divine light you carry in life.

Schedule a Consultation or Healing Session

To book an appointment with Adam, first pay for the session via PayPal. Add your name, email, phone and reason for session in the notes section.

Then email him some times that work well for you to schedule your appointment at Thank you!

30 Min. Phone Consultation - $55

60 Min. Phone Consultation - $100

More Services:

Contact Adam for recommendations for Sacred Journey's in Sedona, Arizona, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Guatemala.

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Consultations, guidance or to request Sponsored Prayer Services.