Freedom for Adam DeArmon - Legal Defense Fund

Freedom for Adam DeArmon - Legal Defense Fund


Dear Friends and relatives,

Adam DeArmon, who is a church minister and dedicated humble servant of the sacred sacraments under Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC), a state and federally recognized NAC chapter, has been raided, arrested, and wrongly accused and needs our help in this critical moment!

For over 20 years, Adam has dedicated his life to the efforts of protecting and preserving the natural sacraments and supporting the effort to get these healing plants to indigenous tribes and communities for their ceremonies and healing which are fully protected under the 1st Amendment Rights of the religious freedom act.

On February 2, 2021, local drug enforcement, armed with automatic weapons, violently and unconstitutionally raided Adam and his Native American Church: ONAC of ICSAW (International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom, LLC), destroying his home, taking all sacred medicines, stealing his money, and confiscating and destroying his entire industrial hemp farm, which was fully permitted under Arizona law (all permits were in plain sight at the time of the raid).

Adam has been charged with 10 felonies for possession and distribution of plant medicines, despite being sanctioned under Federal Law as a Native American Church (NAC) minister.

Adam’s civil rights have been severely violated and left without the financial resources to defend himself. We must support Adam to protect his rights, and defend our First Amendment right to work with sacred sacraments.


Funds are needed to pay his lawyer to defend Adam. Legal fees are estimated to exceed $250,000.

This recent but far from isolated violation and assault upon the First Nations peoples' religious freedom as well as their spiritual beliefs & practices by the government overstepping its authority within the Constitution has a huge impact on both indigenous people as well as all people concerned about their 1st Amendment Rights.

This is an opportunity for all of us to band together and stand up for the protection of sacred sacraments under the religious freedom act!

Leaders from multiple indigenous tribes, several national & international organizations, the CannaSense Foundation as well as Liberty Activists and Plant Sacrament/Medicine advocates from all over the nation are stepping in line behind Adam in his fight against the state of Arizona and effort to rebuild his church for the continuance of his vital mission.

Now is the time for you, the Individual, to accept our invitation in this noble campaign in putting your attention, time, and some resources behind an effort that can truly bring effective change & send the government a loud and clear message that our Rights are non-negotiable.

As this violation by the state of Arizona has crippled Adam, his church, his practices, and spiritual calling financially, we implore you to first donate whatever your conscience dictates to this campaign then immediately share a link on all your social media feeds as well as inform friends and family members to do the same.

Afterward continue to visit this campaign for regular updates, progress, podcasts/media content regarding this landmark case that truly affects each and every one of us.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used for the following endeavors:

  • Legal Defense Expenses for Adam DeArmon
  • Costs of Third-Party Lab Testing essential in Adam’s defense
  • The rebuilding of Adam DeArmon’s local church Assistance in stable shelter for Adam & family
  • Media exposure costs Costs in recovering plant sacrament/medicines unlawfully stolen by the state

A message from Tiffany

Adam "YellowBird" DeArmon, Native American Minister, Road Man and Peaceful revolutionary joins us in this fourth installment to relay to us the events leading up to the unlawful, misguided raid of his ministry and natural plant-sacrament/medicines. With special guest host, Jason Patrick sitting in, Team Zen hears Adam's story unfold into nothing less than a blatant violation of Spiritual Expression and Worship in Arizona that puts all faiths into jeopardy. We ask that you please help us to spread Adam's story by liking, subscribing and sharing to all your social networks and show your support for Adam and protection the 1st Amendment of all Faiths by contributing to his GoFundme campaign at the link below. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TODAY!

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Stating here is my declaration of religious belief. The latest update is September 27th at 9 am. Please join in prayer and support.